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Integrative approach  

Myotherapy is a comprehensive and integrative approach to the assessment and treatment of your pain and dysfunction of your musculoskeletal conditions.


Our Myotherapists are practitioners who provide an extensive assessment to identify the cause of your musculoskeletal conditions. A combination of hands-on treatment techniques, client education, follow-up care, rehabilitative exercise and advice is used to ensure you enjoy both short term relief and long term results.


Your Initial Myotherapy appointment will normally be for the hour, however at times when referred by one of our other Remedial Therapists specifically for dry needling and/or more assessment, this can be half hour as advised.


A consultation with one of our Myotherapists will typically involve an extensive physical evaluation examining affected muscles, joints and nerves. The client's musculoskeletal alignment is also assessed including aspects of their posture.  Hands-on techniques including soft and deep tissue manipulation together with exercise, stretching; dry needling and cupping may also form part of the treatment plan. Many of these approaches are designed to improve blood flow and relieve the root cause of muscular pain rapidly.

The client may also expect to be provided with comprehensive answers and an understanding of how their injury/issue came about and how to avoid reoccurrence.

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